VOYAGE LA – INTERVIEW – Introducing Melodi Bac

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Voyage LA’s “hidden gem” corner included Melodi Bac’s journey to their collection. They have a lovely conversation with Melodi. Give it a read!

To read the whole interview please click: Melodi Bac – Voyage LA

Türkçe Açıklama:

Voyage LA’in Melodi Baç ile yaptığı röportaj için linkten faydalanabilirsiniz.

Los Angeles’a taşınmasının ardından kitap ve senaryo çalışmalarına devam eden genç yazar Melodi Baç, Voyage LA adlı “Şehrimizin gizli değerleri” röportaj serisinin bir parçası oldu. Röportaja yazarlık serüvenine nasıl başladığını anlatarak başlayan genç yazar, Amerika’ya tek başına taşınmasını, hayallerinin peşinden nasıl koştuğunu ve bu yolda önüne çıkan engellerle nasıl başa çıktığını anlatmaktadır. Röportaj ingilizcedir.

From the interview:

Today we’d like to introduce you to Melodi Bac.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Melodi. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My journey as a writer began when I was only seven. I started making up fantasy stories verbally and telling them to my classmates and my mom. Honestly, I don’t know where my imagination comes from but I didn’t have the easiest childhood. Between my family issues and school, I found the comfort I was looking for in writing…

It was scary to move to LA. I had never been to America before I moved here. I guess living in a foreign country and competing with native speakers is never going to get easy. But I am here to reach my goals and I have no intention to stop until I achieve what I came here for.

I am currently still studying at UCLA, adapting my books. A publisher named “Muptela Publishment” bought the “Unca Series” a year ago and republished my third and fourth books. My fifth novel “The Ash” is recently been published in Turkey and got good reactions.

As I move on in my career, I am really glad where things are. I am not in a rush to pursue my dreams, just enjoying the journey. I am currently in touch with a few production companies for my adaptations and also translating my books to English. Ultimately, I will reach my goals one day, even though I know I am at the begging of my journey.


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