Mother nature is sacred. She is the earth itself. She has given life to everything we see and breathe. She is the source of life. She is called mother for a reason. The Latin word "mother" means the source of life or the source of origin.

Just like in nature, the MOTHER carries a living being inside her, gives it life and brings it into the world. She is sacred. She is the one who is with you the moment you say hello to the world, she is pure. She is the one who takes you in her hands for the first time, a being with whom your soul bond will never be severed even if your umbilical cord is cut. She is so precious that she raises her baby for years without getting bored and raises it in the best way. She is a lion who is determined to pierce mountains to protect you. She is the being who kneads your dough and makes you who you are over time.

A mother is very special. She is the one who carries her baby in her womb for nine months. She is the one who protects you at the cost of her life from the moment you fall into her womb, who makes her body a home for you when she needs to, who shields herself for you when she needs to. She is the first thing that comes to your mind when you cry, the first harbor you seek refuge in. A mother is such a thing that she is your life, a part of your life.

A mother is sacred. She is a beautiful and powerful being who should always be remembered, who should be cared for like a delicate flower, just like nature. She is the one who will love you unconditionally from your first breath to your last.

I live far away from my mother, and even though it kills me, I know that no matter how much distance separates us, the bond between us will never be broken, because she is my mother. My constant friend, my crazy mom who gave birth to me, raised me, fed me, gave me food to eat, gave me drink to drink, protected me, and stood by me in every decision I made. She is my everything. She is the reason for my existence.

Mom, thank you for giving me life, for loving me in all circumstances, for making me who I am. I love you so much. Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.  

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