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Who is fantasy book author Melodi Baç?

Melody Bach's Story

Melody Bach

Melodi Baç was born on January 4, 1995 in Istanbul. She won the hearts of Fantasy Book lovers with her first book published at the age of sixteen. Melodi Baç writes Fantasy Book series and is also studying screenwriting. She has two series, the Forbidden Series and the Phoenix Series.

Melodi Baç, who currently lives in San Diego and works on her projects, is working on adapting her books to Hollywood.


Melody Bach & Forbidden Series

She attracted attention with her first book "FORBIDDEN", which she started writing at the age of thirteen and published at the age of sixteen. At the age of seventeen, she brought "YASAK II Crista", the sequel to "YASAK", to her readers and became known as the JK Rowling of Turkey.

Melody Bach & Phoenix Series 

The first book of the Phoenix Series, "The Return of the Phoenix", was released by Destek Publishing in 2015. The second book of the Anka Series, "100th Generation" was released in December 2016. In 2018, he signed an agreement with Müptela Publications and renewed the first book of the Phoenix Series, "The Return of the Phoenix" and brought it to its readers in September. In the same way, "The Hundredth Generation" was released in March 2019 after being revised. The newest book of the Phoenix Series, "Ash", was published in September 2019.


Melodi Baç was deemed worthy of the Best Young Woman Writer of the Year award at the Vizyon Medya International Achievement Awards in 2021 with her latest book 'Kül' published in 2019. Within the scope of the 2022 Lost Dock Awards, she came third with her book "Border" in the Best Fantasy Novel of the Year category.

Melodi Baç released the 4th book of the Phoenix Series, SINIR, in February 2022 from Müptela Publications. The Fantastic Book author is devoting her remaining time to finishing the last book of the Phoenix Series and adapting it for the big screen. 

Author's Other Works and Personal Life

Melodi Baç, an art enthusiast, changed her major after a short architecture education and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Film and Television in 2017 with First Prize. Following her dreams, she moved to Los Angeles, USA in 2018 with a radical decision and continued her film/writing career by studying screenwriting at UCLA University. 



While living in the US, he became a quarter-finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship script competition with the original series script he worked on during his UCLA education in 2019. Shortly after, he started judging the world-famous Final Draft screenplay competition.

Melodi Baç currently lives in San Diego and works as a script consultant, translator, editor, and juror, as well as on screenplays and books. 




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