It all started with my naïve nature and expectations. I give my parents credit for raising me as a good person. I was always thought to be nice to people. After a while, it was not even necessary for them to warn me. I was always nice, regardless of who I was dealing with.  It is a curse and a blessing. There was only one problem; The expectation… I expected people to behave like me. Always kind, gentle and giving. But it was not what I found in people’s hearts. In my mind, it was not a huge thing I was asking for. I didn’t realize until now that not everyone has it in them.

I am in a period of my life that my good intentions are being used against me. Nowadays, the people I encounter are mostly leaving me with a broken heart. It is a mystery really, how one can turn out to be so mean and full of lies. Am I the one to blame to expect goodness from people? Or are they to blame to carry bad intentions in their hearts and souls? Perhaps no one is to blame. After all, we are only human.

My naïve heart refuses to believe all people are bad, two-faced or liars. My mind is the first one to argue. The bottom line is if I don’t believe in good, why even fight? So, I choose to listen to my heart. Although, my mind is louder sometimes; what if I am wrong? What if I am a lost cause for expecting people to behave like how I behave?

People ask me why I love animals more than humans. The answer is quite simple. The human consciousness has a tendency towards evil. It is alluring. A trap that most people fall. On the other hand, animals are incapable of such behavior. Evil doesn’t exist in their nature. It was already decided that they will all be pure. However, humans have a choice. Every decision we make and every action we take is a choice. But here is a little secret; It’s actually NOT THAT HARD to do the good thing. It is not hard to tell the truth. Only cowards lie. Only people who have something to lose lies. I guess I have nothing to lose…

I appreciate a good liar. For the most part, they are interesting and creative people. But I always wonder why one chooses to lie. I guess I will never understand why someone would lie especially to a stranger. What would happen if they don’t lie? What would they lose?

Over the past couple of months, many people touched my life. I love meeting new people, listening to their stories… The weirdest part was, most of them were professional liars. You could never tell if they are telling the truth or not. I will never forget the one story I heard. It involved death, break up and lots of drama. And I thought to myself; what a life! The liar shared, and then I shared. All I expected was the same honesty I showed. Turns out, it was all a big lie. It was funny actually, because there was absolutely no reason to lie. Now there is someone out there with my story… Of course, I don’t mind telling my story. After all, I would be unemployed if I minded. Yet it is a wonder why someone would lie. What would happen if they tell the truth? What would change? What would they lose? The answer is still lost.

Some of those liars are still in my life. I appreciate the things they thought to me. Being naïve is not the way to survive in this world. And as a survivor, I want to thank them for everything they have done for me. Every person that came into my life thought me something. Nothing is coincident. Everyone that crosses my path has something to teach me. Bad or good, I appreciate all the things I learned. Maybe trusting was a mistake but after all, if we don’t make mistakes, how can we learn?

I will still trust people; Still tell them the truth. Why? Because to make a change, first you have to change yourself; Because it takes courage to change people’s hearts. I’ve learned one thing; never expect the same behavior. The expectations are the only thing that hurts the soul. No expectation, no pain. I am not blaming them for their choices. I am not here to judge. It’s their lives, their choices to live with. I know it is hard to find the GOOD PEOPLE, but it is my choice to listen to my heart and seek for them. I know they are out there somewhere. They are an endangered species, but they are still out there. I intend to find them, not if they find me first… Who knows… 

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